May 222015

memory-ramA few weeks ago, while at the incredible SQL Saturday Madison, I had a great discussion with a few of the other speakers about SQL Server VM-level memory counters and their (lack of) validity on the actual memory usage properties of the SQL Server engine. A while back, I blogged about this but I want to revisit it here.

VM-level memory counters simply cannot be trusted for SQL Server workloads at this time. Period. VM memory counters are not application aware, and as a result, are not aware of the way that in-guest applications use memory.

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May 202015

SSC_Logo_OnWhite_RGBThe third Level in my Stairway to Virtualization series is now live at SQL Server Central! In this Level, we will review building the ideal VMware-based virtual machine for your SQL Server workloads. Review and incorporate your own corporate standards and policies into these recommendations, and build the VM that best matches your organization’s needs.

Read this level here.

Stay tuned! The same configuration of VM will be constructed for Microsoft’s Hyper-V platform next!

May 142015

SSC_Logo_OnWhite_RGBYesterday the next installment of the Stairway to Virtualization series went live on SQL Server Central! This level focuses on the core “why” questions when it comes to building the ideal SQL Server virtual machine. It focuses on all of the core “why” questions, such as how to configure VM vCPUs, networking, and virtual disk architecture, all specifically targeted at boosting the virtualized SQL Server’s performance and agility.

Read this Level at SQL Server Central here!

Stay tuned! The next two levels focus on implementing these recommendations specifically on VMware and Hyper-V platforms.

May 122015

simplivity_logoRecently, I was able to help SimpliVity work to develop a reference architecture document for running resource-intensive SQL Server virtual machines on the SimpliVity OmniCube platform. We went through a lot of different OLTP workload types and have put together a number of best practices for virtualized SQL Server on their hyperconverged architecture product.

Check out the document here!

May 082015

A few weeks ago Bala Narasimhan from PernixData and I recorded a short conversation where we discussed the tips and tricks that both DBAs and Infrastructure Administrators need to maximize the performance of their systems without significant re-architecting of their environments.  Check it out!

May 072015

PernixLogo_smBala Narasimhan, Vice President of Products from PernixData, and I recently sat down and discussed the convergence of infrastructure, SQL Server, virtualization, and storage systems. We chatted about some of the ongoing challenges of high performance virtualized SQL Servers and the impact they can have on the rest of the infrastructure. We also talked about how the FVP product can be used to reduce the “shock” to the rest of the environment as the SQL Server scales and grows in activity. I thoroughly enjoy using this product both for memory and SSD caching underneath demanding SQL Server virtual machines. Check out the recording!