Aug 262015

If you are one of the lucky ones who gets to attend VMworld USA this year, and you have any number of virtualized databases in your environment, you need to attend these sessions!

First and foremost, Thomas LaRock (@sqlrockstar) and I are presenting a session called “VAPP4696 – Will It Blend and Scale? Monster Database Virtualization Techniques“. In this session, we will discuss and demonstrate why virtual database servers (SQL Server and Oracle included) are some of the largest resource consumers in your virtual environment, why performance-oriented engineering matters more here than ever, and show ways to help boost your database performance to beyond that of their physical counterparts.

Some other fantastic sessions on various database topics, in no particular order, include:

VAPP5129 – Database Virtualization: Doing IT Right with vSphere 6.0 by Michael Corey and Jeff Szastak
Are you ready for the single-most rapid-fire tech session ever? This session is PACKED full of goodness!)

VAPP6952-S – Project Capstone: VMware, HP & IBM by Mark Lohmeyer, Randy Meyer, Todd Muirhead, and Michael Kuhn

VAPP4786 – SQL Server High Availability and Disaster Recovery by Denny Cherry

STO4544 – Using Virtual SAN to Maximize Database Performance by Rawlinson Rivera and Thomas LaRock.

CTO6453 – The Future of Software-Defined Storage – What does it look like in three years time? by Richard McDougall

VAPP4634 – Harnessing the Power of Storage Virtualization and Site Recovery Manager to Provide HA and DR Capabilities to Business Critical Databases by Marlin McNeil and Sudhir Balasubramanian

VAPP6437-GD – Business Critical Applications and Virtualized Infrastructure, a Match Made in Palo Alto by Mohan Potheri, Deji Akomolafe, Sudhir Balasubramanian, and Vas Mitra

VAPP5165 – Extreme Performance Sieries: Monster VM Database Performance by David Morse and Todd Muirhead

VAPP6441-QT – Microsoft Applications in the SDDC by Michael Corey and Deji Akomolafe

STO4525 – Architecting Disaster Recovery of Tier-1 Applications (SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, and Exchange) using Site Recovery Manager and vSphere 6 by Kannan Mani and GS Khalsa

VAPP6023 – Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere by Scott Salyer and Don Sullivan

VAPP5598 – Advanced SQL Server on vSphere by Scott Salyer and Wanda He

I urge you to attend all of these sessions if you can. Virtualized databases are arguably the toughest challenge in your virtual infrastructure, and the business depends on you getting it right. These sessions can help you get there!

Aug 122015

Next Wednesday, August 19th, at noon Eastern the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter will be holding an open questions and answers session on anything related to SQL Server virtualization, with me as your host! Send over your questions to either Tom Norman (VC lead), or over to me and we’ll get them answered for you! Any SQL Server virtualization question is welcomed in this no-holds-barred open session.

RSVP for this free webinar here! I look forward to seeing you all there.

Jul 222015

SQLSAT397_webOmaha’s next SQL Saturday event is going to be held on August 15th at the University of Nebraska – Omaha’s Mammel Hall at 6708 Pine Street, Omaha NE. The speaker line up is coming soon, and is sure to be fantastic! Make sure to mark your calendars and register for this event, as we hit the wait list last time and anticipate hitting the venue cap again this year. Tell everyone you know in the area about it too! I want to beat the attendance that we had at the last event.

We also have three fantastic all-day preconference training sessions on Friday, August 14th. The speakers and topics are:

Ed Leighton-Dick ( b | t )

SQL Server Security Master Class

mike falMike Fal ( b | t )

Introduction to PowerShell

dandy weynDandy Weyn ( b | t )

Power BI

The cost to attend each session is a mere $129 for a full day of world-class training. Register today at EventBrite, as seats are limited and are already filling up fast!

I look forward to seeing each and every one of you in the Midwest at this event!

Jul 102015


I am very pleased to announce that Argenis Fernandez and I will be presenting a new precon training session at this year’s PASS Summit in Seattle entitled “The Complete Primer to SQL Server Virtualization“. This all-day preconference training session is to be held on Monday, October 26th, at the Seattle Conference Center.Argenis FernandezDavidKlee

This interactive session is sure to be a blast! If you have a virtualized SQL Server in use today, you need to be at this training event.

Virtualization is here to stay, and learning more about the infrastructure underneath your mission-critical SQL Servers will make you a better DBA. If they are not already virtualized, it’s probable that they will be virtualized soon. The virtual infrastructure is a vital portion of the server ecosystem, and this session is designed to ramp you up so you can do everything from understand the sysadmin lingo to quickly identify and triage infrastructure issues.

(Plus, we both have quirky senses of humor and love Nerf projectiles, so you’re sure to get a laugh or two!)

Training session abstract: Your SQL Servers are mostly virtualized at this point, but have you lost the control you used to have over the infrastructure when they were physical servers? Do your SQL Servers “feel” slower now that they are virtualized? When architected and managed with SQL Server in mind, this added layer can help to improve the SQL Server’s availability and ability to change with the business, but only when executed properly.

This all-day, interactive, and hypervisor-agnostic pre-conference session is designed to help data professionals learn more about virtualization and infrastructure. Discover how this new layer can be used to improve the management, availability, and performance of your databases. You will be exposed to all layers of virtualization underneath the SQL Server, from storage to hypervisor. Discover many useful tips and tricks to tuning the database layer to boost performance and availability. This session addresses these topics:

* Virtualization and infrastructure fundamentals

* The SQL Server virtual machine (VM)

* Networking, support, and licensing

* High availability and disaster recovery

* Performance investigation and tuning of the entire stack

Register for the PASS Summit today (and do it before July 12th, when the price hikes!) and make sure to sign up for this precon! This is the best event for SQL Server practitioners, hands down, and this event is vital for the continued professional growth and efficacy in the role of a data professional.

Jun 292015

I recently recorded a podcast with the SQL Server Radio group and discussed virtualization, high availability, and independent consulting topics. I had a lot of fun!

We talked about:

  • What’s important to know when virtualizing SQL Server
  • How to properly size your VM
  • What metrics to monitor when virtualizing
  • When to use SQL Server High Availability features and when to use them at the virtualization side
  • When NOT to virtualize
  • Some of my most challenging projects

In addition, we talked about starting a company and the life of an independent consultant.

Check out this Podcast here!

Jun 262015

I have an exciting training session announcement! On Friday, July 10th, I will be presenting a full-day training class ahead of the SQL Saturday event in Columbus, OH entitled “SQL Server Virtualization for VM Admins“.  (DBAs are very welcomed too!)

Abstract:  This full-day course is an introduction to enabling and managing a virtualized SQL Server environment. The focus of the course is to help those infrastructure systems professionals who manage a business-critical virtual SQL Server environment understand the impact of SQL Server on their environments and how to better architect the platform to maximize availability and performance. Participants will gain exposure to the impact of virtualized SQL Server to all layers of virtualization underneath SQL Server, from storage to hypervisor to the SQL Server instance, and will learn how to construct the entire stack with a strong emphasis on SQL Server performance. High availability, disaster recovery, multi-tenancy, and performance tuning topics will all be explored during the session.

Seats are limited, so reserve yours today! At only $99, this course is sure to help you get more out of your virtualized SQL Server environment!