Apr 022011


Hyundai, how far you have come in the last five years.

The Sonata from Enterprise was superb. It was not sporty, steering was numb and heavy off-center, brakes were nothing to write home about, but this car is a beautiful example of how a vehicle manufacturer can trump the icon of bland transportation – the Toyota Camry – at it’s own game. I drove seven hours in two days in this car and averaged 39 mpg and 75 mph. The seats were comfy and the car tracked very well. Looks were good and instrumentation and controls were clear and logically placed. Power delivery was so-so, but I never lacked for power when I needed it.

Five years ago I would have quietly chuckled at Hyundai making a car that I would consider owning, being that i am very picky about my cars. Today if I wanted a sedan for normal transportation I would look here well before thinking about a Camry or Accord.