WOW! Talk about absolute technical enlightenment wrapped into a single class. For SQL Server database administrators who want or need to learn more about the product, a better series of courses simply does not exist.

I was lucky enough to spend last week completely blown away by SQLskills’ IE1 Immersion Event in Chicago. A full list of the internals and performance topics we covered is here.

Everything we talked about either confirmed things that I have taught myself over the years, or furthered the understanding that I have a long way to go in my quest to be the uber-nerd. It’s quite amazing to see how much of a difference that a deep understanding in a topic can go in the application of the technology in the day job.

You will see be happy to know that the upcoming topics that I discuss in this blog are probably coming from my time in this class.

Thank you Paul and Kimberly for continuing to hold these events. You spread the knowledge, strengthen the community, and grow the excitement around SQL Server. You have know idea how much we all respect and admire the two of you. I also thank my employer for sending me. I now have months of study ahead of me so that I can fully digest everything we went over in the class.

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