Last October I bought a Droid Bionic and an Otterbox Defender to protect it. It doubled the thickness of the phone, but it’s an absolute tank. I travel quite a bit for work, and wanted the best in protection for the phone. Since then, it has protected the phone through more incidents than I care to admit, and it’s still in fantastic shape.

Last week the little piece of plastic that held the belt clip to the case backing broke off. It has taken quite a beating over the last six months, and I figured it’s just typical and that I’d have to buy another one.

I email the Otterbox support group today just to ask if it’s a fringe warranty case or if I should just buy another one.

OK – It’s Memorial Day here in the US. I sent the email in at 4:45p today. I received a reply at 4:55p that a replacement is going to be shipped out in the next few days.

That’s just incredible. No questions asked, no typical reply about more details, etc. etc.

OtterBox, thank you. You just made my day, and earned a customer for life!