As some of you know, I am actively pursuing Microsoft Certified Master status for SQL Server 2008. Last week I attended the SQLskills Immersion Event on Performance Tuning (IE2) in Bellevue, WA in the continued path to this goal.

Wow. I thought IE1 was fantastic… IE2 was exactly what I needed.

The core outline for the class is as follows:

  • SQL Server IO
  • IO Concepts
  • SANs for DBAs
  • SQL OS
  • Waits and Queues
  • Extended Events
  • Query Plan Analysis
  • CPU Performance Tuning
  • Plan Cache and Index Analysis
  • Memory Performance Tuning
  • Benchmarking and Baselining
  • Collecting Performance Data

Glenn Berry even sat in for an impromptu session on hardware for the DBA, which was fantastic as well!

Everything I learned directly contributes to not only my quest for the MCM title, but complements everything that I do at the day job. The SQLskills Immersion events are hands-down the best SQL Server training that you can get, period. I had a blast, and I’ll be back for IE3 – High Availability & Disaster Recovery next year sometime!

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