Aug 282012

Just a reminder to come to the upcoming SQL Saturday events in St. Louis MO (#154) on September 15, Lincoln NE (#165) on October 6th, and Nashville TN (#145) on October 13th. I’m fortunate enough to be presenting the session on Database Health and Performance in St. Louis, the Virtualizing Business Critical SQL Servers and Database Performance and Health sessions in Lincoln, and the Virtualizing Business Critical SQL Servers session in Nashville.

Two coworkers of mine are also presenting in Lincoln. Andy Galbriath is presenting a session on the Ola Hallengren maintenance solution, and David Pettengill is presenting two sessions on A Database Perspective and Heart to Heart with Your Business Users.

A good friend of mine, John Morehouse, is also presenting on Social Networking for the DBA in Lincoln.

Register (St. Louis, Lincoln, and Nashville) now for these exciting events! These are absolutely amazing and the en tire SQL Server community is behind them all over the world. Check it out and get some fantastic training!

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