VMware’s vCenter Server 5.1 requires a new single sign-on server, and it uses a database back-end. For the SQL Server installation, guess what? It’s loaded with problems. I know a LOT of people out there will have issues installing this service, and it’s a pre-requisite for the successful upgrade to vCenter 5.1 Server.


I can’t see how anything in this script is a good thing. NEVER auto-shrink a database! Initial size of 10MB and auto-growth by 10%? Putting everything on the C: drive?

Wow… VMware, you’re better than this. I’m disappointed, and I know your support crews are going to be hammered by VMware administrators struggling to get this installed.

This script above also tells me that currently VMware vCenter Single Sign On Server is not supported on SQL Server 2012, as the SP_DBOPTION system proc was removed.

Think about this too… lots of folks will perform default installs of this service, as well as of the other core products, such as Update Manager. You could have quite a number of SQL Server Express instances floating on a vCenter Server without any maintenance or backups taking place.

Be warned! VMware admins – get your SQL Server DBAs involved with this upgrade!

Contact me if you need help installing this…