The Omaha SSUG’s sister group, the Lincoln SSUG, is hosting a SQL Saturday this coming Saturday, October 6th, at Avery Hall on the campus of the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. This is a great day of free Microsoft SQL Server training, with an optional fee of $10 for lunch. 

I’m proud to be speaking on two of my favorite topics – ‘Virtualizing Business-Critical SQL Servers‘ and ‘Database Health and Performance‘. I have an absolute blast with these sessions, and I guarantee that you’ll learn something if you attend!

A few of my great coworkers and friends are presenting on interesting topics as well.

Andy Galbraith (b | t) is presenting a session on ‘How to Maintain Your Databases With Help From Ola Hallengren‘. Andy is also co-presenting the ‘Virtualizing Business-Critical SQL Servers‘ with me – we always have a blast!

A newbie to the SQL Saturday speaking circuit and all-around great guy is David Pettengill. He is presenting two sessions on ‘A Database Perspective‘ and ‘Heart to Heart with Business Users‘. I would not miss these. His years of experience in the industry not only lead to some fantastic insight on business, but some great sarcasm as well.

John Morehouse (b | t) is doing sessions on ‘Backup & Restores: You’re Not in Kansas Anymore!‘ and ‘Social Networking is Alive!‘ I’ve heckled him through both of these sessions before, and are great!

Phil Brammer (b | t), an SSIS master, is presenting on ‘SSIS 2012: A Deep Dive into the SSIS Catalog‘. If you use SSIS at all, you should attend this session!

Bill Fellows (b | t) is presenting a session on ‘Type more, click less: using EzAPI to build SSIS‘. If I weren’t presenting at the same time, I’d be in this one! This session should be kilt-tacular!

Last, but definitely not least, the famous Kevin Kline (b | t) is presenting a great session on ‘Disk I/O Tuning for Microsoft SQL Server‘.  Kevin is the best speaker on SQL Server topics that I have ever witnessed. He is also giving a pre-con session on Friday on ‘Real World Database Config and Tuning‘. Don’t miss it!

I could go on and profile everyone there, but I don’t want to bore you. These sessions are world-class and you just don’t get education like this without paying big bucks.

Register now for this event! I speak at a number of these events and go out of my way to attend even more. I cannot broadcast enough how wonderful these events really are. You’re getting free training from some of the best speakers in the world, and are there with folks who want to learn more about SQL Server.

House of Brick presence! W00t! (Ripped from Andy’s blog)

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