Nov 012012

Yesterday I finally got around to adding a much needed improvement to my SQLIO Analyzer tool. You now get a timestamp at the start of each test. If you have background noise on your SAN and want to correlate those events with blips in your tests, now you can!

The test datestamps are located on the ‘raw’ tab in the Excel spreadsheet in column AR.

Please make sure to download the updated test bundle that contains the updated childtest.bat file.

Check it out! The SQLIO Analyzer is located at Let me know what you think!

  2 Responses to “SQLIO Analyzer now has test timestamps”

  1. Hi David,

    I love your SQL Analyzer tool and we’ve been using it extensively. But I’ve lost my copy and can;t download it from the link on your site. Is there an issue with the site or is it me?


  2. I’ll make these public. I had a blip on my hosting provider (still not sure why) and some of the published pages in my CMS went offline. I republished them and they reappeared. I’m still investigating what happened, but we’re up now! Thanks for reporting this!

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