I doubt you noticed but I took a few weeks to relax, so no tech for me. Last week my wife and I got out of the chilly Midwest and went to Disney World in Orlando! The weather was perfect (mid 70’s and sunny every day), the food and accommodations were perfect, and we had a great time. 

Now, I’m back and ready to rock and roll! Wednesday I am speaking at the PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter on Squeezing the Most Performance from Your VMware-Based SQL Server, and in a couple of weeks I am speaking at VMware Partner Exchange at the Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server with VMware Boot Camp.

And now, a random selection of photos that I took on the trip for your viewing pleasure…

magic kingdom - parade magic kingdom - 1 magic kingdom - 3 hollywood studios - 1 animal kingdom - 2 animal kingdom - 3 epcot - 1 epcot - japan epcot - dinosaurs epcot - china epcot - 4