This year is the first year that I have submitted a session to VMware’s VMworld 2013, to be held in San Francisco this August 25-29. They are cool enough to open up the submissions for the general public to vote on which sessions they would like to see at the event! I’d really like to speak on one of my favorite topics, Business-Critical SQL Server Virtualization, and would very much appreciate your votes if you would like to see me present the following session. You can even vote if you are not planning to attend the conference. 

Please click HERE to access the voting site, create an account, and scroll to my session (number 4726). Click the thumbs-up icon to vote for my session.


Session Title: Successfully Virtualizing All of your Business-Critical SQL Servers

Abstract: Virtualizing all of your organization’s business-critical SQL Servers is technically achievable, but is sometimes met with resistance for any number of reasons. In order to ensure complete success with your SQL Server virtualization initiatives, let’s explore a new approach that involves all application and business owners in the process. We will discuss how to measure and quantify the physical server’s performance levels. We will demonstrate many key configuration and tuning techniques that will squeeze out the most performance from the virtualized SQL Server. We will then discuss how to apply these techniques to objectively demonstrate that the virtualized SQL Server will perform equal to or better than the physical equivalent, and how to broadcast this success to the entire organization. Once virtualized, we will also discuss how to efficiently manage and monitor the performance of these machines to ensure that the systems continue to operate at peak performance.