Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak at the first ever SQL Saturday Fargo! Jason Strate (b | l | t) and his wonderful wife Sarah (t) and the rest of the team came together and coordinated the entire event. For a first event, this was awesome. Microsoft lent their Executive Briefing Center for the event, and it was absolutely incredible. They also helped by handling lunches and badges, and their events staff were second to none. 

Up to now, Fargo did not have a SQL Server Users Group. But… members from the event came together and will be forming one very soon! Microsoft’s briefing center is going to donate space for the meetings.

I could not be happier with the way this event went! My session was almost full, and questions were very insightful, and the weather was perfect. 

20130427 - sqlsat fargo - from grrl_geekThanks Jes Borland for the photo!

I look forward to speaking here next year and doing what I can to help build another strong Microsoft community in this area of the country.

Session Title: Database Health and Performance

Session Abstract: Sure, your SQL Server is up and running. Is it healthy? Is it performing the best that it can? Where are your performance bottlenecks? In an emergency, can you objectively demonstrate where a performance problem lies? This dynamic dialog session will present a solid process for checking your environment’s overall health and performance levels as well as solutions for common problems. Some of the items focused on include dynamic management views (DMVs), Windows Perfmon, and disk performance tools such as IOMeter and SQLIO.

Session Slides and Scripts – SQL Server Health and Performance 20130427

Again, thank you all for attending, and thanks goes to the coordinators of the event and to Microsoft for the wonderful meeting space! I’ll see you all next year (or maybe sooner)!


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