Today I had the pleasure of speaking at the SQL Saturday #235 in New York City. Talk about an absolutely surreal location! It was held at the Microsoft offices right across the street from Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan. This is only my second trip to NYC, and it was enough to certainly bring me back for more.

I presented my session on “Database Health and Performance” in front of a wonderful audience full of great stories and questions. 

Abstract: Sure, your SQL Server is up and running. Is it healthy? Is it performing the best that it can? Where are your performance bottlenecks? In an emergency, can you objectively demonstrate where a performance problem lies? This dynamic dialog session will present a solid process for checking your environment’s overall health and performance levels as well as solutions for common problems. Some of the items focused on include dynamic management views (DMVs), Windows Perfmon, and disk performance tools such as IOMeter and SQLIO.

The slides and demo scripts, including the DVDStore run test batch files that I used to generate the load for the demonstrations, are available for download here.

New York City is fantastic, and I cannot wait to get back here for next year’s event! Thanks again to the attendees, coordinators, sponsors, and volunteers for making this great event possible!