Teglie-Logo-Blue-Transparent-smallOn Thursday, May 1st, I will be presenting a new webcast with Tegile Systems entitled “Easy SQL Server Benchmarking”.

Abstract: Do you have a new piece of hardware going into service and want to see how well it performs? Or do you have a few systems and want to see how they compare against each other? Multiple free and easy ways to stress test your SQL Servers exist by simulating an OLTP workload against a real SQL Server and the infrastructure underneath. In this webinar we will demonstrate how to test your storage and SQL Server instances to get raw performance numbers that you can use to compare performance of machines across your enterprise. The utilities DVDStore, HammerDB, and SQLIO will be demonstrated in depth.

The following topics will be explored:  

  • How to use DVDStore to get performance metrics from a SQL Server instance
  • How to use HammerDB to get performance metrics from a SQL Server instance
  • How to use SQLIO to show the performance range of the storage underneath a SQL Server
  • How to use these tools to show relative performance differences between two or more SQL Servers

Register today for this exciting webcast!

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