These last few weeks have been quite a blur of projects, travel, and end-user training, and I’m enjoying every bit of it! Here’s a recap of what I’ve been up to, with links to the educational materials for you to download and review.

On April 25, I presented a SQL Saturday Chicago preconference training session called “Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs” to a packed house in Addision, IL. We had a great time and all learned a lot, and I thank each and every one of my wonderful attendees for their enthusiasm, open dialogue, and great questions.

The following day was SQL Saturday Chicago. I presented two sessions – SQL Server Virtualization 101 and  Virtualized SQL Server Performance to standing room only classes. Thanks to all of the great attendees in these sessions! The slides for these two sessions (Virtualization 101 / Performance) are available now for you to download and review.

Heraflux-Logo-Color-SMAlso, this was the first event that my company, Heraflux Technologies, has sponsored. We co-sponsored the event with a new partner organization of ours, Yucca Group. We were very happy to raffle away two SQL Server books and a copy of VMware Workstation as part of the end-of-day give-a-ways.

yucca_groupHeraflux is known for our world-class SQL Server virtualization services, and Yucca Group is known for Oracle virtualization services. It’s a fantastic match, and look for more co-sponsoring opportunities and joint community education seminars from the two of us in the future!

Teglie-Logo-Blue-Transparent-smallNext, on Thursday May 1 I presented a webinar on Easy SQL Server Benchmarking, hosted by Tegile Systems. The topics covered how to use SQLIO, DVDStore, and HammerDB. We ended up with a problem with the webinar software, and some registrants were not get into the webinar. The webinar recording is now live and available for you to watch at your convenience here.

On Saturday May 3, I was fortunate enough to be selected to speak at the SQL Saturday Atlanta event. I spoke on my Virtualized SQL Server Performance  session again, and due to popular demand and exceeding room capacity, had the opportunity to re-present the session later in the day to those who missed out that morning. As always, the slides are now available for you all to download.

Thank you to all of the coordinators, volunteers, sponsors, attendees, and other speakers for all of these fantastic events. We appreciate each and every one of  you and your contributions to these world class events.

sql saturdayComing up, I’m speaking at SQL Saturdays in Detroit, Iowa City, Rochester NY, and Portland ME. I’m also giving my Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs preconference training day the Friday before the SQL Saturday in Iowa City, Rochester, and Portland. Register soon for these SQL Saturdays, and if you are interested, one of the precons for the events. It’s the best education that you can get on key topics, and the price you pay is just a fraction of the amount that it is worth. I’d enjoy having you in my class!

PASS_VC_VirtualizationI am also presenting the second in a four part webinar series for the SQL PASS Virtualization Virtual Chapter entitled ‘Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 201‘ on May 14th. If you were not able to catch the previous 101 session, it is available for you to watch before the upcoming 201 session. RSVP for this free event today!

It’s an exciting time! I can’t wait to see you at these events!

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