Want to get out of the winter blues and into some warmer weather for some deep SQL Server training? Join me on the next SQL Cruise to the Caribbean this February! This is my first SQL Cruise, and I’m really excited to go. This trip sets sail to three different Caribbean islands with four full days of education while at sea. It’s seven great days of serious education mixed with fun.

What is the cruise all about?

It’s all about education.

First and foremost, it’s a real training class! The cruise is focused on serious education. The speaker lineup this year is world-class, and I’m truly honored to be a part of it. Grant Fritchey ( b | t ), Kevin Kline ( b | t ), and Jes Borland ( b | t ) will all be there, along with Tim Ford ( b | t ), the SQL Cruise coordinator extraordinaire. These high-level courses are guaranteed to help you grow as a technology professional, both from a technical and business standpoint. I love to teach, and each session presented complements the others in ways where the teachers learn just as much as the attendees. These sessions are fantastic! Just check out the topics!

Grant Fritchey – ‘SQL Server Optimization Checklist’ & ‘Execution Plans: What Can You Do With Them’

Kevin Kline – ‘Top Tools for Tuning SQL Server’ & ‘Top Tier DBA: 7 Secrets of the World’s Best Database Administrators’

Jes Borland – ‘Understanding Restore Methods to Ensure Database Recovery’ & ‘The Efficient DBA: Automating Your Job’

and me – ‘Top Performing SQL Server Virtual Machines’ & ‘Infrastructure Tuning for SQL Server Performance’

201501-sql cruise sessionsThe commitment to education is first and foremost. We want to make sure the attendees get the most out of the trip, so office hours are also held where anyone can bring technical challenges that they are facing to us and get the issue worked through with all of the instructors. I’ve heard stories of folks solving technical challenges that their organization has been battling for months during these times, saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process. I look forward to helping to tackle your challenges!

It’s all about family.

Over the last five years, my relationship with the SQL Server community has really evolved from a casual observer to where I feel that I’m part of the community now. The networking and friendships made on these cruises lasts a lifetime, and I really cannot wait to make some new memories with this group of speakers and students. It’s going to be a great trip with everyone!

It’s about the cruise itself.

We all work very hard. Being a database professional comes with a lot of stresses and challenges of the job because of the nature of what we do. You probably need a vacation. The cruise is on the Norwegian cruise lines‘ ship the Getaway, which looks amazing. It’s a great way to get out of the winter cold and into some Caribbean sun and warmth!

Join us for learning and fun

Register for the cruise today. The Caribbean cruise is almost here, and the summer cruise in the Mediterranean is going to be here before you know it. Find the cruise that best suits your vacation time and book today!

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