Number of outstanding I/O requests per thread. When attempting to determine

the capacity of a given volume or set of volumes, start with a reasonable number

for this and increase until disk saturation is reached.

-o8 –o32,

-o64 ….


Instructs SQLIO to capture disk latency information. -LS


Specify either R or W (read or write). Both reads and writes should be tested. -kR, -kW


Duration of test (in seconds). For initial tests, running for 5-10 Min per IO. -s60, -s120


Random I/O, pay close attention to the number of I/Os per second and latency.

For sequential I/O, test a range of sizes (4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128,256) and pay

attention to throughput and latency.

-b8, -b32,



Type of I/O to issue. Either ‘random’ or ‘sequential’ -frandom,



Name of the file that will contain a list of the test file(s) used by SQLIO. -Fparam.txt