Sticker_Mule-e1419622677292I just returned home from this year’s SQL Cruise in the Caribbean. WOW!


This trip was our first SQL Cruise, but it certainly will not be the last. It confirmed that the SQL Cruise really is a serious advanced SQL Server training class. While at sea the days and nights were full of technical training and networking. While at port we went and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery of three different stops in the Caribbean – St. Maartin, St. Thomas, and Nassau.


The technical leads, Kevin Kline, Grant Fritchey, Jes Borland, Jeff Lehmann, and myself presented at least two sessions each on very advanced topics during the trip. The personalized format helped attendees turn each session into an open conversation, and the wide variety of backgrounds of the attendees helped make the conversations diverse and insightful.

SQL Cruise Caribbean 2015 technical leads

SQL Cruise Caribbean 2015 technical leads

Everyone learned something from each of the training sessions. Everyone learned more from the time spent each with other not in the sessions, such as the office hours blocks, over meals, in the pools, or on shore. I know I will need the next week to go over my notes from the sessions! Plus, the one-on-one time allowed each attendee to bring up questions and topics not usually presented in groups, and we had plenty of time to chat and really dig into the unique technical challenges and questions that each attendee brought with them.

The time spent networking and at port was truly amazing. The stops in the Caribbean had some breathtaking views and great history, and even this pale nerd spent some time on the beaches.

Ever have a jumbo jet land 100 feet above your head?

Ever have a jumbo jet land 100 feet above your head?

I want to personally thank the sponsors for the cruise – Amazon Web Services, SQL Sentry, and Redgate. They provided some fantastic content (and very little actual marketing). Without your tools and services, our lives would be much more difficult!

Tim and Amy Ford from B-Side Consulting should also be singled out for their incredible job in handling every aspect of these classes. You both did a fantastic job!


If you are at all interested in SQL Server, consider the SQL Cruise as your next premier training opportunity. The education was second-to-none, and the time outside of class spent networking and on excursions with the other folks created some friendships and memories that will last a lifetime! Check out for upcoming dates and locations! Feel free to contact me if you need me to talk to your boss about how the SQL Cruise can benefit your organization.

Jes needs to grow a bit!

Jes needs to grow a bit!