SIOS_logoRGB160x160I’m learning how beneficial SIOS iQ is to your virtual SQL Server environments, and you should too.

SIOS iQ is a new machine-learning utility that helps you optimize your VMware-based environments to understand VM waste, reliability, and cause-and-effect relationships with performance anomalies in the infrastructure. It connects into VMware’s vCenter Server and profiles the workload and performance trends in the environment. The content that it delivers helps you see more about how the environment is performing and trending, and does so in a different way than any other product on the market today.

sios_iq_01  sios_iq_02

Currently the platform is in a ‘Freeview’ mode while the platform matures, but you can register and download it for free today.

I think it’s fantastic, and shows a lot of potential. The impact of this utility for understanding the true impact analysis of performance troubles on your infrastructure will help you immensely. Deploy it today and see what you think!