I’m going to be speaking for the downtown Chicago SQL Servers User Group at 5:30pm on June 9th! I plan to start the session with my constantly evolving session – Virtual SQL Servers. Actual Performance. – and moving into more of a round-table format, where all of your questions and concerns about performance, availability, management, whatever, will get answered!

Session abstract: Virtualizing your business-critical SQL Servers should not imply that they will run slower than if they were physical. When properly architected and managed, virtual SQL Servers should be equally as fast as their physical counterparts, if not faster. However, if not properly constructed, silent and seemingly random performance killers can strike and significantly hurt your database performance. This session is packed with many tips and tricks gained from years of experience for getting the most performance from your virtual SQL Servers. The major roadblocks to performance will be discussed and the knowledge gained will help you work with your infrastructure engineers so you can optimize the system stack for performance. Tools, techniques, and processes will be demonstrated to help you measure and validate the system performance of the key components underneath your data.

RSVP by 9:00am this coming Wednesday to attend, and attendance is capped, so RSVP early!