I’m thrilled to have recently recorded a podcast with Nick Korte from Nerd Journey. He recently recorded a different podcast that talks about the journey from being an IT generalist to an IT specialist. I joke that I’m strangely both, and we recorded a podcast together where he and I talked about how being a generalist makes you a better specialist, and how you can be successful at either approach. The act of getting to this point has been rather unique, and we spent a lot of time talking about the seemingly random progression of moving towards the nerd that I am today!

Episode 119, one of two in this series, was released here for you to enjoy!

Episode 120, part two of two in the series, was just released, and this is when I talk about the wild journey that is building your own business from the ground up.

I know I had a blast recording this podcast, and am always looking forward to future episodes of this awesome podcast coming out! Thanks Nick!