I’m pleased to announce that this month’s presentation for the Microsoft Data Platform Continuity Virtual Group will be on July 29th at 2pm Eastern time. This presentation from Edwin Sarmiento is entitled “3 Reasons Why Focusing on Tech Is The Worst Way To Deploy a HA/DR Solution“.

Most IT Professionals spend a lot of time on the technical details of an HA/DR implementation. They learn as much as they can about a specific feature, the best practices approach to deployment, and the caveats specific to their use case. And every time an outage occurs, the focus keeps coming back to the tech.

– Did the configuration change recently?
– Was there a missing cumulative update?
– Should we increase the threshold values?
– Was the server reboot that caused the issue?

While an HA/DR solution is technical in nature, focusing on the tech is the main reason why outages and other related problems keep happening. And unless you step up as the trusted technical advisor in your organization, you’re going to get all the blame when an outage occurs.

Join me in this presentation where I talk about the reasons why focusing on tech is the wrong way to deploy a HA/DR solution. I’ll also talk about a framework that I use every time I deploy a HA/DR solution that guarantees covering all bases.

RSVP for this free exciting webinar from Edwin here! We look forward to seeing you at this event!

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