I’m thrilled to announce a new webinar with Pavilion Data for this Wednesday, September 29, 2021, at 10:00am Pacific time entitled “Achieve 3x SQL Server Performance While Doubling VM Density“.

The time to commit a database transaction and the impact from lots of concurrent users are the bane of SQL Server DBAs. Storage latency is pivotal in keeping these operations moving at the speed of business. SQL Server’s use of its underlying storage can be held back by a number of bottlenecks and pinch points in the platform, even before the command makes it to the storage. Adding a hypervisor such as VMware or Hyper-V on top of it just exacerbates the challenge. Thankfully, tuning these layers is possible. Strategic tuning will not only improve the round-trip performance of this command and dramatically improve the speed of this business operation, but can save you on SQL Server licensing.

Attend this webinar featuring me and learn how to achieve:

  • Fastest possible transactional commit with lowest possible latency to disk
  • Highest storage concurrency for more simultaneous database users
  • Strategic tuning methods for boosting performance while improving your VM density
  • Tuning examples to optimize SQL Server on VMware databases, operating systems, and VM overhead

I’m excited to deliver this highly technical session to you! Register for this free webinar today and come learn with me!

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