Heraflux Technologies was invited to co-present an Ask the Experts webinar with Pavilion Data featuring Costa Hasapopulous, Pavilion Data’s Chief Field Technology Officer, and myself! RSVP for this webinar here and bring your questions! The webinar starts this Wednesday, February 9th, at 10am Pacific time.

Many of our mutual customers are looking for solutions to increase the speed of business. Performance and reliability are vital when evaluating technologies to power enterprise-level applications and databases such as Microsoft SQL Server. 

To help IT Professionals, and everyone that depends on access to data, Pavilion and Heraflux will answer all of your SQL Server tuning and performance questions, including addressing topics such as how to: 

  • Achieve the lowest latency and highest concurrency with a network-based alternative to locally attached NVMe SSDs
  • Boost Orders per Minute by 400% or more compared to traditional SANs
  • Deliver performance that is faster than bare metal using VMware™’s vSphere 7 native drivers for NVMe/RDMA and NVMe/TCP

If you are a SQL Server DBA, VMware Administrator, Storage Administrator, or Application Administrator who is looking to understand how Pavilion Data Storage can impact your SQL Server system stack performance and efficiency, we encourage you to join and participate this “Ask the Experts” webinar.

Attendees of this webinar will also receive a 50% discount code for SQL Server in VMware Accelerator – The Ultimate Step-by-Step Full Stack Guide training program.  Lean more about SQLibrium here.

RSVP for this webinar here, and we’ll see you there!