I am thrilled to have been a part of this year’s Storage Field Day 23 event, held by Gestalt IT during the first week of March. This event is a series of vendor-led technical presentations where technologists like myself can ask hard questions so that we can better understand groundbreaking technologies.

The second presenter in this year’s event was RackTop. While still in the enterprise storage arena, RackTop focuses on active security protection. I find this fascinating in their approach. I have personally seen at least 20 businesses that we work with get nailed by ransomware just in the last year. RackTop’s approach to security is serious business with their BrickStor SP product. Founded by veterans from the DoD intelligence community, their solution is a software layer that acts as a gateway to your organization’s data that they call ‘CyberStorage’. I think the name is grounded in the 2000’s, but the actual technology is amazing.

You can watch their presentations here.

Most organizations that we work with seem to focus in on just backups for ransomware mitigation, and that’s just not enough. It has to be handled at all layers, all the time. They have both real-time active defense and aggressive scanning in a non-intrusive manner that looks to be fascinating.

While I don’t do as much as I would personally like in the security space, their solution looks to be incredibly compelling. I really like how it works with your current infrastructure as well. You should check this out!