My SQL Server on VMware Accelerator boot camp video series is now live on Youtube! There’s no strings attached and no price of entry, so now there’s no reason why you can’t join me in this adventure to learn more about how to performance and availability tune your SQL Server on VMware data estate.

This immersive video series is designed to accelerate your ability to improve the performance and availability of your enterprise SQL Server databases on VMware. With over twenty years of hands-on operational experience in the topic, this guide is packed full of tips and tricks designed to help you make the most of your virtualized data estate for administrators of all levels.

  • Module 1 – Why SQL Server on VMware?
  • Module 2 – Enterprise Storage
  • Module 3 – Networking & Interconnects
  • Module 4 – Physical Host
  • Module 5 – VMware ESXi
  • Module 6 – Host Clusters & Operations
  • Module 7 – SQL Server Virtual Machine
  • Module 8 – Windows Operating System
  • Module 9 – Linux Operating System
  • Module 10 – SQL Server Instance & Databases
  • Module 11 – Performance Tuning
  • Module 12 – Availability Tuning
  • Module 13 – SQL Server on VMware Licensing
  • Module 14 – Operations
  • Module 15 – Wrap Up

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