I am overjoyed to announce a momentous occasion – we have officially reached the remarkable milestone of being in business for 10 years!

This incredible journey began with a vision that was based on the fundamentals – help customers save money and improve their data platform performance. As the world has continued to advance technologically at breakneck speed, we pride ourselves on helping our customers get back to the basics and build a solid foundation. This allows their business to operate from the strongest vantage point, leaving any data and platform-related hurdles behind.

Our success would not have been possible without the support of our incredible partners and clients. We cannot thank you enough for your trust and belief in us that allowed us to reach the privilege of being part of the ten-year club. Only around 35% of small business in the US make it to their ten-year milestone!

As we reflect on the past decade, we are grateful for lessons learned, relationships built, and accomplishments achieved. From humble beginnings – both Molly and myself were just kids from small town / flyover USA who both believed in hard work – to a global presence, each step of our journey has been a testament to our resilience and unwavering commitment to our mission.

We look forward to and are excited about the next chapter in our story. With a decade of experience, we are poised to embrace our future challenges and opportunities ahead, and will continue to deliver the excellence you’ve come to expect from Heraflux Technologies – a company that is focused on customer’s needs.

Thank you again for being an integral part of our journey – we couldn’t have done it without you!