Virtualization Articles

Retrofit an Existing VMware-based VM with the PVSCSI driver

Would you like to get faster storage performance out of a VMware-based VM for free? Check out the VMware Paravirtual driver, included with the installation of the VMware Tools package. This article outlines how to retrofit an existing VM with this driver so you can boost your performance – quickly and easily.

Why Your SQL Server DBAs Need Access to VMware vCenter

Your DBAs need direct access to VMware vCenter. At a minimum, they need read-only access to the performance statistics for their virtual machines hosting their database server, as well as the host that they reside upon. I consider a requirement for all DBAs to have vCenter performance statistics access in environments where I have any sort of say in the matter, and here’s why.

Networking Tips for Virtualizing SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn

Normally, a fairly stock setup can work without any major issues, but in systems with heavier activity, these tips can prevent or fix potential networking issues that can lead to system instability.