I have a number of presentations that I can present to your organization or users group. I can also tailor any of these to your needs, or I am happy to create new presentations to fulfill your needs.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs (full-day training)

VMware vExpert and SQL Server performance expert David Klee leads this full-day, hands-on introduction to enabling and managing a virtualized SQL Server environment. The focus of the course is to help those new to virtualization and/or infrastructure concepts to become familiar with the concept and purposes of virtualization and how it can benefit them as data professionals. Participants will gain exposure to all layers of virtualization underneath SQL Server, from storage to hypervisor to the SQL Server instance, and will learn how to construct the entire stack with the focus on SQL Server performance.

Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Understand key virtualization and cloud concepts
  • Look up VPN reviews and determine the best one.
  • Determine the optimal infrastructure configuration for best performance
  • Construct a SQL Server virtual machine template with best practices for agility and performance
  • Understand how and what stack metrics to benchmark and baseline to ensure proper objective performance measurement
  • Identify and remediate common virtualized SQL Server performance killers
  • Understand proper virtualized capacity management techniques for long term management

Squeezing Top Performance from Your Virtualized SQL Server

Just about anyone can click through a SQL Server installation and get it working, but more than a little  tuning is required to get the most performance out of your servers. Once virtualized, additional tuning can help get even more performance out of that virtual machine. We will discuss valuable details for both VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V on how to tweak and tune your virtual infrastructure for business-critical virtualized SQL Servers. Tips on configuring your SQL Server installations for maximum performance when virtualized will be covered. We will also present tips on monitoring and capacity management so you know when you need to add more hardware to keep your database servers running at their peak performance.

Virtualizing Critical SQL Servers

You probably have already virtualized most of your SQL Servers by now. But, have you virtualized the big, hairy, temperamental machines that everyone fears but the business simply cannot live without? Or have you virtualized them and they are performing worse than when physical? Do you work where virtualization is one of those hands-off black boxes and you have no way to tell what is happening underneath your virtual machines? Never fear! David Klee (@kleegeek) will be presenting an interactive session where practical management and configuration tips will be presented.

Virtualization for DBAs 101, 201, 301, 499

Most DBAs experience virtualization through a telescope – from at least a mile away. Virtualization projects are pushed down from IT and DBAs are told they are being virtualized, but are given very little insight into what virtualization means to them and how they can embrace it to improve their systems. This four-part educational series by David Klee (@kleegeek) is designed to help DBAs understand what virtualization really is, what it can do for them, and how they can embrace it to improve the quality of service of their business-critical systems.

SQL Server Virtualization 101

What is virtualization? What impact does it have on DBAs and their systems? What aspects of their job stays the same, and what changes? What is really going on inside that black box? The fundamentals of private cloud computing and how it impacts data professionals will be discussed in this interactive session. Tips on how to use the best of virtualization to improve their daily tasks and efficiencies will be demonstrated, and common questions and concerns will be addressed.

SQL Server Virtualization 201

So you have finally virtualized your SQL Servers. Now what? How can virtualization be embraced to simplify and streamline operations? What about making the systems more resilient to failure? How can it be used to improve uptime and simplify some of the more common architectures? High availability, disaster recovery, backups, and new server provisioning are discussed in this interactive session.

SQL Server Virtualization 301

Can you objectively demonstrate that your SQL Servers are running the same or better after they were virtualized than when they were physical servers? Do you have your key system monitoring in place so you know your steady-state system performance metrics? What is your methodology and key items for benchmarking and baselines, and what are your long-term projections for when you will need more infrastructure capacity? Performance and capacity management topics are discussed in this interactive session, and key tips and tricks will be presented to help you squeeze the most performance from your virtualized SQL Servers.

SQL Server Virtualization 499

The SQL Servers are running slow and no one can tell the DBA why. What is going on? How can I communicate these issues to the system administrators in a way where they won’t just ignore me? In this interactive session, common scenarios for virtualized SQL Server performance problems are presented. The troubleshooting and remediation methodologies for reviewing each component in the system stack are discussed in this interactive session. Short-term solutions for these problems and the long-term plan for how to avoid these common scenarios are also presented.