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I have a number of recorded webinars and videos available for you to view at your convenience. I hope you enjoy them!

ScaleArc – Improving SQL Server Uptime


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PernixData – How to Solve the Biggest Database Problems

Journey to Becoming a Consultant

This session was presented to the PASS Professional Development Virtual Chapter on 2015.04.08.

“Right-Sizing” Your Virtual SQL Servers – SQL PASS Summit 2014 #PASStv

Virtualizing your top-tier production SQL Servers is not as easy as P2V’ing it. Sometimes allocating more resources to the VM is the wrong approach, and getting it wrong will silently hurt performance. What is the most effective method for determining the ‘right’ amount of resources to allocate? What happens if the workload changes a month from now?

The methods for understanding the performance of your mission-critical SQL Servers gathered over the past ten years of SQL Server virtualization will be addressed, and valuable processes for performance statistic collection and analysis will be displayed. Come learn how to properly ‘right-size’ the resources allocated to a VM, improve the performance of your SQL Servers, and keep it maximized well into the future.

SQL Server for VMware Administrators

vbrownbagI spent a lot of time educating DBAs about the intricacies of virtualization, but the VM administrators also need to know how to best support these mission-critical resource hogs. This #vBrownBag webinar describes in depth all of the nuances and tips needed for VM administrators to get the most performance and consolidation out of the critical SQL Servers in their environments.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs – 101 – 499 (Four-Part Series)

Most DBAs experience virtualization through a telescope – from at least a mile away. Virtualization projects are pushed down from IT and DBAs are told they are being virtualized, but are given very little insight into what virtualization means to them and how they can embrace it to improve their systems. This four-part educational series by David Klee (@kleegeek) is designed to help DBAs understand what virtualization really is, what it can do for them, and how they can embrace it to improve the quality of service of their business-critical systems.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 101 - What is virtualization? What impact does it have on DBAs and their systems? What aspects of their job stays the same, and what changes? What is really going on inside that black box? The fundamentals of private cloud computing and how it impacts data professionals will be discussed in this interactive session. Tips on how to use the best of virtualization to improve their daily tasks and efficiencies will be demonstrated, and common questions and concerns will be addressed.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 101 from David Klee on Vimeo.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 201 - So you have finally virtualized your SQL Servers. Now what? How can virtualization be embraced to simplify and streamline operations? What about making the systems more resilient to failure? How can it be used to improve uptime and simplify some of the more common architectures? High availability, disaster recovery, backups, and new server provisioning are discussed in this interactive session.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 201 from David Klee on Vimeo.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 301 - Can you objectively demonstrate that your SQL Servers are running the same or better after they were virtualized than when they were physical servers? Do you have your key system monitoring in place so you know your steady-state system performance metrics? What is your methodology and key items for benchmarking and baselines, and what are your long-term projections for when you will need more infrastructure capacity? Performance and capacity management topics are discussed in this interactive session, and key tips and tricks will be presented to help you squeeze the most performance from your virtualized SQL Servers.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 301 from David Klee on Vimeo.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 499 – The SQL Servers are running slow and no one can tell the DBA why. What is going on? How can I communicate these issues to the system administrators in a way where they won’t just ignore me? In this interactive session, common scenarios for virtualized SQL Server performance problems are presented. The troubleshooting and remediation methodologies for reviewing each component in the system stack are discussed in this interactive session. Short-term solutions for these problems and the long-term plan for how to avoid these common scenarios are also presented.

Virtualization for SQL Server DBAs 499 available at

Infrastructure Tuning for SQL Server Performance

Infrastructure Tuning for SQL Server Performance - Mention SQL Server performance to any DBA, and the impulse is to dive headfirst into the database and queries. However, if the infrastructure underneath the data is your performance bottleneck, the time spent tuning at the database layer is usually in vain. Server hardware, operating system parameters, storage, interconnects, and networking will all be discussed in depth in terms that DBAs can relate to. Practical architecture guidelines and troubleshooting techniques will be presented so you can analyze your environments and see if your performance bottlenecks are where you think they are.

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Complementing SQL Server HA & DR With Virtualization

Complementing SQL Server HA & DR With Virtualization - SQL Server provides many features for improving high availability and disaster recovery resiliency, and they continue to evolve and change with each release. However, all of these features are nontrivial to implement, can cause troubleshooting pain in the event of an emergency, and occasionally contribute to longer outages because of their complexity. What if you can augment (or possibly replace) a complex SQL Server HA and/or DR solution with a simpler, but just as effective, solution using some of the virtualization features available in today’s virtualized environments? David Klee will discuss strategies for improving your SQL Server uptime while reducing the complexity of your environments in this session.

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Top Five Things VMware Admins Should Know About Virtualizing SQL Server

vbrownbagThis presentation was from the short 15-minute #vBrownBag sessions at VMworld 2014 where I discuss the major items that VMware administrators truly need to know to get their virtualized SQL Servers to be the best performers.

A Few Gotchya’s with SQL Server Virtualization

This short session on a few tips and tricks for SQL Server virtualization was presented at VMworld 2015 for the #vBrownBag TechTalk series.