Calendar of Tech Events

VMworld 2020


Heraflux is proud to present with Oleg Ulyanov, Senior Solutions Architect from VMware, at this year's virtual VMworld 2020 conference. The session is HCP1720 Architecting SQL Server Workloads on the VMware Hybrid Cloud Platform. This event is FREE for the general attendee pass. You should check this out! Session description: Microsoft SQL Server is one […]


VMworld 2021


I’m thrilled to be presenting with Deji Akomolafe a new session at this year’s VMworld 2021 conference called “Virtualization Microsoft SQL Server on vSphere – Stories from the Trenches” (session number MCL1318). Virtualizing Microsoft SQL Server (the most virtualized mission-critical application) on VMware vSphere has become the standard for SQL Server deployments around the world. As vSphere continues to be the […]

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