Sep 122016

SQL Server 2016 supports AFTER triggers! I could find no good example of how to do this with a project I’m working on, so I figured out how to make this work. The following before and after screenshots are from a SQL Server 2016 instance and the DVDStore3 package. I modified a trigger to work with In-Memory OLTP.





It compiles and works! Enjoy!

Apr 212014

Teglie-Logo-Blue-Transparent-smallOn Thursday, May 1st, I will be presenting a new webcast with Tegile Systems entitled “Easy SQL Server Benchmarking”.

Abstract: Do you have a new piece of hardware going into service and want to see how well it performs? Or do you have a few systems and want to see how they compare against each other? Multiple free and easy ways to stress test your SQL Servers exist by simulating an OLTP workload against a real SQL Server and the infrastructure underneath. In this webinar we will demonstrate how to test your storage and SQL Server instances to get raw performance numbers that you can use to compare performance of machines across your enterprise. The utilities DVDStore, HammerDB, and SQLIO will be demonstrated in depth.

The following topics will be explored:  

  • How to use DVDStore to get performance metrics from a SQL Server instance
  • How to use HammerDB to get performance metrics from a SQL Server instance
  • How to use SQLIO to show the performance range of the storage underneath a SQL Server
  • How to use these tools to show relative performance differences between two or more SQL Servers

Register today for this exciting webcast!

Jul 292013

Have you ever wanted to know how fast one of your core SQL Servers are running, or ever wanted to compare the raw performance of one server to another? Now you can – and for free!

Some folks at Dell developed a synthetic benchmark tool a while back that can run benchmark tests against SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL installations. It is freely available at It generates a benchmark value in the form of ‘orders placed’ per test cycle, and tests the performance of the instance configuration and the infrastructure underneath it. You create a synthetic workload dataset with an included tool, load it into the instance via a new test database (DS2), and then run an included load testing tool to simulate orders of DVDs off of a web store.

I use this tool quite frequently when I want to test the raw performance of a SQL Server when doing virtualization proof-of-concepts. I will benchmark a physical SQL Server with this utility in a manner that approximates the same load I measure by profiling their production servers. I then replay the same configuration against a virtualized copy of the same setup, and compare the results. If the infrastructure is performing as expected, the performance should be equivalent. If something is not configured right, the equivalent workload will perform slower than the physical server, and then I know I need to go investigate.

Let’s get started!

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