How To Set Up Perfmon for 24×7 Collection

How To Set Up Perfmon for 24×7 Collection

I just released a new training video (one of many to be released in the upcoming months) showing you how to set up Windows Perfmon for ongoing 24×7 collection. Recording ongoing performance information is vital to have a running history of the system state in...

Virtualization resource consumption counters lie to you

OK, so maybe they do not lie to you, but I got your attention. In virtualized environments, the performance statistics that you see from the management interface may not give you the entire picture, and can lead to bad assumptions or misleading recommendations....

Profiling disk mount points with Windows Perfmon

Ever run out of drive letters on a server, or have some other business requirement, and have the need to go with mount points? Do you wonder how you’ll monitor those new drives with Perfmon? Here’s how! By the way… If you’re not monitoring any...

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