Podcast recording – Mixed Extents 01 – Cloud vs. On-Prem

I’m thrilled to have been part of the second EightKB Mixed Extents podcast recording where Joey D’Antoni, Melody Zacharias, Andrew Pruski, Mark Wilkinson, Anthony Nocentino, and I talked about the differences in cloud versus on-premises infrastructure,...

10 on Tech Podcast – To The Cloud and Back Again

On episode of one of our favorite podcasts – 10 on Tech  from ActualTech Media – recently focused on a discussion with James Green and myself on some of the challenges with moving large scale operations to the cloud. Check out this podcast here!

SQL Server Radio – Virtualization and Independent Consulting

I recently recorded a podcast with the SQL Server Radio group and discussed virtualization, high availability, and independent consulting topics. I had a lot of fun! We talked about: What’s important to know when virtualizing SQL Server How to properly size your VM...

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