SQL Server certification path

At my previous employer’s Solutions Architect blog, I have a new post up on the path to full SQL Server certification 2012, as well as some tricks that could help you earn more certifications while saving money. Check it out!

Add new node to SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn group

I’ve gotten multiple questions lately on how difficult it is to add a new node into an established AlwaysOn configuration. The answer is this – It’s easy! Let’s walk through it. I have the original AlwaysOn replicated pair that I created a...

SQL Server 2012 Startup Parameters

Have you ever had to set SQL Server trace flags or startup parameters on the instance startup? It’s quite a chore. SQL Server 2012 solves this pain with a very simple and elegant solution. On all versions before SQL Server 2012, the interface was just bad. If the...

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