Apr 252013

Two weeks ago was a busy one. I helped coordinate and spoke at our second SQL Saturday Omaha on April 6, flew to Las Vegas for the new SQLintersection conference at the MGM Grand, and then flew to Chicago to speak at SQL Saturday Chicago. 

SQLintersection is part of a group event trifecta along with DevIntersection and AngleBrackets. Take a look at the following speaker lineup. How could you NOT want to attend these conferences! MVPs, industry founders and executives, and legendary experts abound!

(This list is not all inclusive, and for those speakers that I omit, it’s not because I don’t like you! It’s because I’m mainly putting the speakers whose sessions I attended)

  • Aaron Bertrand (b | t)
  • Connor Cunningham (b)
  • Kevin Farlee (b)
  • Grant Fritchey (b | t)
  • Steve Jones (b | t)
  • Andrew Kelly (b | t)
  • Kevin Kline (b | t)
  • Kendra Little (b | t)
  • Brent Ozar (b | t)
  • Jeremiah Peschka (b | t)
  • Paul Randal (b | t)
  • Joe Sack (b | t)
  • Paul Sheriff (w)
  • Kimberly Tripp (b | t)
  • Bob Ward (b | t)
  • Paul White (b | t)

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