SQLibrium Accelerator Master Classes

 This master class is designed to accelerate your knowledge and provide over two decades of tips, tricks, and architectural guidance on how to get the most performance and availability out of your SQL Server on VMware deployments, all while looking for cost reduction opportunities. This 8.5 hour full-stack master class ramps you up on everything you need to know about all of the layers underneath the database, including:

  • Enterprise storage
  • Networking & interconnects
  • Physical server
  • Hypervisor & hypervisor host cluster
  • SQL Server VM construction
  • Operating-system tuning, including both Windows Server & Linux
  • SQL Server instance properties
  • SQL Server database distribution
  • Holistic performance tuning of all the layers together
  • High availability-specific tuning

As a technologist in the field for over twenty years, working with thousands of environments on all the leading infrastructure products and cloud platforms, I’ve put in 400 hours to create the ultimate step-by-step course for you! I look forward to you joining me on this technical journey! For more information, please go to sqlibrium.com to learn more!

Free Training Videos

Spreading the knowledge of how to manage these complex technical topics is one of my favorite things to do. Check out some of the videos in my YouTube channel to learn more about strategic topics related to Microsoft SQL Server and the infrastructure that it runs on!