Nov 082012

WOW! I’m absolutely honored to announce that I am speaking with the Kevin Kline tomorrow at the SQL PASS Summit 2012. Kevin and I are speaking on Managing SQL Server in a Virtual World at 9:45a on Friday. I am blessed by this opportunity, and am very excited at the presentation topic. Come attend this session and learn more about my favorite topic, SQL Server virtualized on VMware!

The details on the session are as follows.

Managing SQL Server in a Virtual World [DBA-322-S]
Session Category: Spotlight Session (90 minutes)
Session Track: Enterprise Database Administration & Deployment
Speaker(s): Kevin Kline (and myself!)

Why are so many organizations implementing VMware, and what does it mean for SQL Server DBAs? In this deep-dive session, you’ll see that when configured and managed properly, SQL Server can run just as well in a virtual environment as a physical one.

We’ll review the benefits VMware provides, including hardware abstraction, easier failover, and simpler capacity planning. We’ll also explore key tips to help administer a SQL Server instance running inside a virtual machine. You’ll learn the differences in general administration, disaster recovery, and high availability on VMs; get a better understanding of activity and performance trends on VMs; and learn how to ensure effective capacity planning and optimal performance on VMs. If you’ve ever had a virtual deployment go bad, or if you’re struggling to manage the performance of virtualized SQL Servers, be sure to catch this session.

  4 Responses to “Speaking with Kevin Kline at SQL PASS Summit 2012”

  1. Hello Mr. Klee, I attending this session you presented and it was awesome! We have many SQL Server’s running on VMWare and to date we do not have read only access to view the ESX host counters. Our internal infrastructure team refuses to grant us this access. Do you have any recommendations, convincing words you can provide to help us facilitate this access?
    The presentation slides are not posted on the site, could you forward them along?
    Alfredo Giotti ( or )

  2. Mr. Klee, I found your slide deck.

  3. You bet! I’m going to get them posted tonight!

    For details on exactly how I would talk to the VMware admins on why you need read-only access into the vCenter statistics, you and them both read this post:

    And then if you would like, if the discussion that this post triggers is not enough, I could communicate to them on your behalf why they should allow you this level of access!

  4. […] is amazing. It really is like a family. When I fully immersed myself in the community at my first PASS Summit and spoke with Kevin Kline, for the first time since the BBS days I felt like I was home again. It’s hard to describe. […]

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