If you live life in the manner that I do, life is all about change and self-improvement. To me, life in technology means constantly keeping up with the exceptionally rapid evolution of the IT industry. This constant change has helped drive me personally and professionally, and is continually reshaping my career.

autumn-lane-1244920-mOver the last fifteen years, my professional path has gotten more and more refined. The progression started as a generalist system administrator, with periods of software development, network and security tasks, and eventually database administration and development with a heavy emphasis on virtualization. Like every career progression, the path has had its ups and downs, but has always moved forward towards growth as a technologist and professional.

In more recent years, my decision to focus on business-critical data has led me into uncharted waters, which is quite exciting as well as uncertain. But… the goal is to always move forward in the emerging technologies that I feel are so critical to the future of business. Fast forward to now, and this constantly changing life has led me to adjust the path so I can continue to sharpen my focus.

Every exit becomes the next entrance. Today I walk through the next door of my career.


It is with great pleasure that I officially announce the launch of Heraflux Technologies, a consultancy designed to focus on your organization’s business-critical data and the platforms that power this data.

The goals of Heraflux are to focus on improving the stability, performance, and flexibility of the data that is so critically important to any business. I have created a seven-step methodology that will help guide an organization towards the total operationalization, or streamlining every facet of day-to-day operations and usage, of its data. By embracing the methodology, an organization’s data system can now truly and efficiently move at the speed of business.

linchpin people

In addition, I am now also a Teammate with the Linchpin People. The Linchpin People members are some of the best SQL Server professionals on the planet, and I am extremely proud to be a part of this group. I am working to boost this organization’s world-class offerings by leveraging my unique skills to complement this elite team.

My community involvement is also going to increase. Over the last two years, my participation in the Microsoft and VMware communities has grown from very little to speaking at the SQL PASS Summit and multiple SQL Saturdays in 2013 alone. The more involvement I have, the more I am drawn to continue to give more to the communities that have become more like a family to me. Over the coming months, I look to contribute more to the community in the form of free webinars, SQL Saturdays, blog posts, and whitepapers. I have a number of intriguing whitepaper topics that I am just itching to get started on! 

In the next two months alone, I am grateful to be a strong contributor to the technical communities. I am presenting at the SQL Saturday events in Kansas City, Denver, and Charleston. I am also presenting at the SQL PASS Summit on my favorite topic – Squeezing the Most Performance from your Virtualized SQL Server – in a spotlight session that I am honored to have the opportunity to present. I also have a number of additional educational events I am planning for this winter, so stay tuned!

Now, please let me know what I can do for you! I am eager to speak at more SQL Server user group sessions, both in person and remote. If you have ideas for performance or virtualization-oriented research topics, I am interested in learning more about them.

And, if you have any current SQL Server virtualization or performance initiatives in your organization, please contact us so we can schedule a free roundtable discussion to see if Heraflux Technologies’ services are the right fit for your organization.

I have appreciated your support over the last five years as I have grown in the tech community, and I want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone. I look forward to my continued involvement with the SQL Server and virtualization communities!